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Awwww please! Would you offer me a ginseng? (I don't like coffee XD)
I'm a poor little girl who needs your support

Stamp: I have no Facebook by The-Mystery-Of-Doom
Dudes, comment before you favourite! I love feedback <3
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I am Italian, and I live in Tuscany .
I am a historian. I love drawing, writing and telling stories.
I am a cat person, but I do love all animals.
I have an insane love for red hair and freckles. I also love plague doctors ... don't really know why.
I'm a Gryffindor (a real one, not a poser) but I really belong to Pigfarts.
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Who plays the best Hermione? (I'd say n. 3) 

14 deviants said Emma Watson
2 deviants said Noma Dumezweni
1 deviant said Bonnie Gruesen
No deviants said Meredith Stepien


Not again please
I'm reading Harry Potter saga again! Now I have finished "The Philosopher's Stone" and I was feeling like drawing some illustrations.
I don't know but, after entering the awesome Starkid world, I started liking Quirrell a lot. He could have been such a great character! His backstory would be so interesting! I mean, he was too young to have lived the first magic war, isn't he? I'm guessing he had more or less Tonks' same age. 
He must have been very clever to be teaching at Hogwarts at such a young age. Not to mention that he was the professor of Muggle Studies, before he obtained the Defence Against The Dark Arts 's desk.
It is obviously Starkid's fault, but I have a big reader-crush on this very underrated character! Go Quirrell!
(If you don't know Team Starkid, go and check them! You won't regret it! I promise! :love: )

here some other illustrations from The Philosopher's Stone

friendship by ToscaSam
the bushy girl by ToscaSam
long lasting love
This magnificent piece of art is called "sarcophagus of the spouses". It is located in Museo Etrusco of Villa Giulia, but a similar sarcophagus is also at the Louvre Museum.
It is a masterpiece from Etruscan art.
What can I say? 
I like the pose very much, it is so intimate. Whoever this two spouses were, I am so happy that we can still admire how much they loved each others. 
Etruscan people lived in Tuscany, before the Romans conquered all the Italian peninsula. Some of the famous "seven kings" of Rome were Etruscan (Tarquinius Priscus and Tarquinius Superbus). 
Women could have a very indipendent and free life. They could also sit with men in banquets, which was something you will not find in any other mediterranian culture.

about the piece:
I was usure if I should leave their hands empty, as in the original statue, or fill them with objects the statue probably lost. 
I still think their eyes looks a bit "vacuous" .
However, I am happy of the final result. Hope you like it too! :heart:
XVIII century Rapunzel - sketch
I just can't believe Tangled is officially set in 1780 :/
Disney also said that Punzie's design was inspired by Fragonard's "the swing" :/ :/ 
212c1 by ToscaSam 

plz I need more XVIII century stuff in my life!

help me choosing a NEW NICKNAME!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 19, 2018, 1:28 PM

For too long I have been NerinaSam. I don't want to be "Nerina" anymore XD.
I am a new person now. My friends just call me "Sam" and I really like it. Sam  is obviously unavialable, as a nickname for it's already taken.
Why did I call myself "Nerina"?
Long time ago I was a little litterature-nerd. I still am, but my teenage is finally over and so are all those strange thoughts as "ancient poets are the only ones that understands me". Yeah. A little nerdy freak XD I know.
"Nerina" was a woman Giacomo Leopardi fell in love with. It's a nickname. He calls her like that in one of his poems. Nerina means "black" but in a loving way; you could translate as "little black cutie". He calls her like that, because she had "brown hair and black eyes". I vainly claimed to be Nerina, because I fit the description.
Giacomo Leopardi was a very sad poet; I was and still am in love with his poetry, but it's time to move on!

So, come on! Let's chose a new nickname!

I would like to keep "Sam", but what else?
I was thinking of ForvaSam, because "Forva" is my mysterious second name XD 
Here where I live it was costume that all the three families should give a name to the newborn: my parents called me Samantha, which is my first name and everyone calls me this way. My paternal grandparents called me Giulia (just for the reason because they liked that name, lol), then my maternal grandparents called me Forva.
Forva was my mother's great grandmother. Appearently, this name is unique. It doesn't exist on the internet, nor anywhere else. It appears that this woman's parents invented it! I have always been fascinated by this name, both because it is mysterious and  belonged to my ancestress.
I think ForvaSam could be a good idea, because they are actually my real names.

Another option could be a great surname, something like a famous historical family.
IDK I'd like to have a nickname that represents my interests.

Do you have any idea?

THANK YOU :heart:


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